The Marek Kamiński Foundation was founded in 1996. It is involved in creating and running educational programmes, fund-raising for prostheses for those in need, and integrated camps for the disabled. Its statutory aims also include supporting exploration of the Polar regions and other places worldwide, promoting Polar studies and ecology and supporting young participants in expeditions.


The mission of the Foundation Marek Kaminski is:

We inspire people to  impossible became possible. Believe in yourself and do it!


The Foundations major achievements include:

  • “Let’s Help Sick Children To Make Their Dreams Come True”, the first campaign by the Society, as a result of which the Foundation was founded. The funds raised were used to buy IV drips for children and to finance the upgrading of the Children’s Chemotherapy Ward at the Gdansk Medical Academy (1995)
  • “Solo TransAntarctica”, the organisation of a Polar expedition, part of which was an International Educational Programme run on the Internet (1996/97)
  •   Organisation of a trip to Antarctica at Christmas for two children from the Ełk and Ostrołęka Children’s Homes. The trip was first prize in a competition testing knowledge of the South Pole region. (1996/97)
  • Organisation of an expedition to Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica (1997/98)
  • Organisation of a competition for children testing knowledge of Australia during an expedition to cross the Gibson Desert. Funding of the top prize, a trip to Sydney for the competition winners (1999)
  • “Together to the Pole”, organisation of expeditions by Marek Kamiński and disabled teenager Jasiek Mela to both Poles (2004)
  •   “Give Others a Chance”, fund-raising to buy prostheses for the disabled during the first “Together to the Pole” expedition. The total raised – 733,227 zlotys – was used to finance the purchase of prostheses for 65 people nationwide, (2004)
  • “School At the Pole”, organisation of an educational campaign (2004)
  •   World Day of the Sick – nationwide campaign to distribute 10,000 copies of a book entitled Lulie’s Big Journey to children who were in hospital that day (February 2005),
  • “School for Crossing Borders”, organisation of a free camp for disabled children. For two weeks 30 disabled young people took part in sports activities and a wide variety of themed workshops (July 2005),
  •  “Help for Pakistan”, raising donations for victims of the Pakistan earthquake (November 2005)

… and many other important activitie , assistance in the purchase of prostheses, workshops with psychological support, patronage and support expeditions to the farthest corners of the world ….

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