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Marek Kamiński On The Trail of Values

More than 4,000 kilometres, about 100 days and the same number of meetings and questions about the most important values in life. On March 13, 2015 Marek Kamiński will embark on a journey from Kaliningrad to Santiago de Compostela – he will travel on foot on St. James’s Trail, commonly known as Camino, to become an inspiration and provoke thoughts. Even more important is the fact that you can create the journey together with him!

The Poles. Everything began when Marek Kamiński became the first and only person in the world to conquer the both poles of the Earth in the same year, and later on, repeat this feat with a disabled boy Jaś Mela, as his guide. Since then he conquers new “poles” and helps others do the same. These experiences served as a basis for the formulation of the 10 steps composing the motivational “Pole” method. Marek Kamiński writes books, as well as participates in meetings and lectures in Poland and abroad. Each time he stresses that the most important journey leads inside yourself and anyone can make it – exploring your own potential and strength, overcoming limitations and finding joy in the journey itself.

mapaThe Poles – Faith And Reason. Marek Kamiński’s newest project – the Third Pole – will be primarily of spiritual dimension. There was a reason for choosing to begin the expedition at Kaliningrad and end it at Santiago de Compostela — the destination of St. James’s Trail, the most famous pilgrimage route In Europe. – These are another “two poles” to conquer and explore — emphasizes Marek Kamiński — Kaliningrad, a place connected to Immanuel Kant, is a symbolic “pole of reason”, while Santiago de Compostela is the “pole of faith”.

Kamiński embarks on a journey on the “trail of values” – during the travel he will meet with various people and talk about what is the most important in today’s Europe, suffering from spiritual crisis. The people he encounters will be asked about today’s importance of such concepts as: truth, goodness, honesty, spirituality, love, respect and mindfulness. The people to answer these questions will often be decided by fate, but at the same time the traveller will gladly welcome meeting requests and invitations – this way you can create this expedition together with him.

Marek Kamiński also prepared a special lecture, which he plans to deliver at various schools and universities along the way. During the “Europe in Times Of The Crisis Of Values” speech, the traveller will not only refer to the purpose of his current expedition, but also tell the story of his journey with Jaś Mela and introduce the original “Pole” method, that is, a way to conquer your own poles and live dreams. The lecture will be dedicated to all those who want to believe again in the sense of living by the key values.

The Pole Zone. The “trail of values” will also be open to the Polish students of primary, as well as lower and upper secondary schools. Even before the beginning of the project, an educational online platform (EduZone) will be launched for students and teachers. Apart from knowledge on history and culture, there will be lesson plans based on the “Pole” method, a “Pole” method e-learning course for teachers , as well as exercises and discussion topics for finding important values in the context of the entire European society.

Documenting values. The over 100-day long journey will result in a 72-minute documentary written and directed by Jan Czarlewski — a young generation artist of Polish descent living in France, repeatedly awarded at Locarno, Amsterdam and the European Film Awards. The fill will show the main results of the project and reinforce the key thoughts on the values found by Marek Kamiński on the way to Santiago de Compostela, values each of us can find in our everyday life.

Project is organised by: The Marek Kamiński Foundation



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